Herlinde Koelbl Portrait »Mostly large-scale thematic projects, often dealing with societal taboos. Since the end of the 1980`s one of Germany’s most widely discussed photographers.«
Lexicon of Photographers 1900 - today, Munich 2002

»One of her largest projects was “Jüdische Portraits” (Jewish Portraits). Here she did not limit herself to photographic portraits of world-renowned Jewish personalities of German intellectual background. She also conducted penetrating interviews evidencing an in depth knowledge of the individual personalities achievements.«
Prestel - Lexicon of Photographers, published by Reinhold Mißelbeck, Munich 2002

»With each new work, Herlinde Koelbl writes a chronicle of the age, similar to the novelists of the past, like a Zola or a Balzac, using merely a different medium.«
Harald Martenstein, Der Tagesspiegel 09/08/2001

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